What is “Unstoppable Coaching?”

Unstoppable Coaching is one-on-one life coaching based on the principles outlined in the book, “Being Unstoppable,” by David Chard, and brought to life experientially in The Unstoppable Workshop.

Are you lost inside limiting beliefs?

“The purpose of the coaching is to take a close look at what you want and the things that stop you from having it. As clarity about ‘what’s stopping you’ emerges, the coaching focuses on the five principal reasons people do not achieve their dreams. The coaching is unique in it’s focus on undoing limiting beliefs.”

No.1 The Box: Essentially, this is the ‘box’ that people want to transcend when they say, “I need to go outside the box.” The box is the reactive Robot (hard-wired reaction-patterns) and Filters that shape your Comfort Zone and personal blind spots. Essentially, ‘The Box’ is your mind and your nervous system. Your mind is a beautiful gift, but when self-awareness is blocked, it can stop you and keep you stuck in circular strategies that go nowhere. Every see the film “Groundhog’s Day?” Unstoppable Coaching helps you see the conflicts that prevent you moving forward when one part of you says “Yes!” and another part says “No!”
And when you understand these conflicts and what to do about them, you are on your way.
No. 2 Stories: Human beings live from stories of their own creation. You have a story about who you are, what is possible and not possible for you, what your life means, what the world is like, and “who you are” as a person. With the right story, you can achieve anything. But if your story (outside of awareness) does not serve your dream, it will stop you in your tracks. In Unstoppable Coaching, you will gain deep insights into your story, where it came from, how it is or is not serving you and how to create a powerful story that can make you Unstoppable.
No. 3 Limiting Beliefs: Limiting beliefs are also created in your mind, based on your life experiences during your formative years, in your culture of origin. As outlined in the book, “Being Unstoppable,” no belief is actually true, and all beliefs are really lies! Your beliefs tell you things like: “You can’t, you shouldn’t, you mustn’t, you aren’t this, you aren’t that, you are this you are that, and many others. Beliefs are rules, some of which you created outside of awareness and some of which you were forced to accept by others around you. And if you believe these rules, your life is going to be limited to ‘following the rules’ and you are not free.


“Unstoppable Coaching will assist you to identify your limiting beliefs and eliminate them or replace them with beliefs that actually serve you. Most importantly, your limiting beliefs will seem unbelievable to you and will actually seem ridiculous.
No. 4 FEAR: Again, your fears are born in your mind, and they are reflected in your Comfort Zone, Your robotic unconscious patterns, your stories and your limiting beliefs. Fear stops more people than anything else. It is why people go to their graves with sorrow and regrets about dreams they never dared to try. Unstoppable Coaching will help you get in touch with your fears and the outdated ideas, beliefs and stories that make your mental movies of disaster seem like ‘reality’ to you. You will learn to ‘smile at fear’ and move forward in the direction of your dreams, Unstoppably.
No. 5 The Inner Critic: The Inner Critic is simply the voice of your ego, like a radio station in your brain, telling you all the reasons you are flawed, defective, hopeless, powerless and even stupid. It is the incessant mental chatter of your thoughts, that seem to be ‘who you are,’ when you identify with it. Unstoppable Coaching will help you address your Inner Critic, understand it, and finally tame it.
The Big Picture of Unstoppable Coaching. It will:
Guide you to raise your self-awareness to much higher levels.
Help you see new possibilities, from those higher levels, that you did not see before.
Empower you to make new and better choices, from among the new possibilities, that can propel you towards your dream.
No one can make you change. But Unstoppable Coaching will support you to make the changes you wish to make, in your own time, in your own way, with dignity, respect, and love. Gently and skillfully, Unstoppable Coaching helps you set the stage for your own transformation, using your own power.” ~ David Chard, Unstoppable Master Coach

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