Note: the recordings described here are a ‘work in progress’ and not yet ready for posting. Coming soon!

The hypnotic recordings you will find here have been created specifically to address your limiting beliefs: the erroneous ideas that at some point in your life you said “Yes” to and accepted as “true for me.” Most limiting beliefs take shape in your mind, as a child, between 4 and 8 years of age. During this stage of childhood your ‘child mind’ is virtually in a non-stop hypnotic state, highly suggestible, wide open, allowing you to learn quickly and easily, like a sponge.

That’s great for most things you needed to learn to make it in the world. In fact it is one of the miracles of the human mind because it works so well. But, it’s not so great when it also makes it easy to adopting limiting beliefs about yourself: who you are, who you cannot be, what you can or cannot do, and generally what is possible for you. Once these belief ‘programs’ are installed they become self-reinforcing and grow stronger with time. In fact your beliefs are installed in physical neural pathways in your brain

Your ‘mind software,’ once installed, works consistently to screen out any new information that doesn’t fit with your beliefs, literally blinding you to possibilities and limiting who you can be and what you can do. And, each of your limiting beliefs comes with an embedded emotional point of view that serves to make them resistant to change. 

The good newsis you CAN change your beliefsby making an emotional commitment to changing now. Once you choose that commitment, these recordings can speed you on your way to a new way of being and knowing yourself as…Unstoppable. 

Every Unstoppable recording uses time-tested principles of self-hypnosis to support you in releasing yourself from the belief trances that are stopping you from being more of who you really are. The scripts have all been created and recorded by David Chard, based on many years of experience, and are accompanied by the highest quality hypnotic music available.

What’s it Like?

When you listen to one of these recordings you will be guided easily into a deep and relaxing hypnotic state, opening a portal to your subconscious mind, the place where your belief programs reside. Each recording deals with a specific belief issue, giving your subconscious mind powerful suggestions that can make change easy and effortless. 

Is Hypnosis Safe for Me?

Hypnosis is a natural state that happens all by itself, every day of your life. Whenever you daydream or become ‘lost in thought’ you are in a hypnotic state. And, when you are highly focused on some task and enter a ‘flow state’ that is another example of accessing your natural ability of self-hypnosis. Whenever you are doing something that requires mastery…typing, walking, playing a musical instrument, even listening to music or reading a book…you are in a natural state of hypnosis. 

So please rest assured: hypnosis is completely safe and natural and you are always in charge of what happens.And, as every hypnotist knows, ‘all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.’ If an emergency arises while listening to a hypnotic recording you can immediately stop listening and deal with the situation. It is not possible to become ‘stuck’ in a hypnotic state. Whew!

How to Use the Unstoppable Hypnotic Recordings.

We suggest you listen to a recording daily for 30 days for best results. Communication works by repetition: your subconscious mind needs to be crystal clear about what you want for yourself now, so multiple listenings will give you the best results. And we suggest you work with one recording at a time, before listening to additional recordings. To get the most from these recordings, use stereo headphones as you listen.

Mornings and evenings are good times to listen, and, you can listen to them any time as long as you are not driving a car, operating machinery or doing anything that requires our full conscious attention. It’s best to choose a time and place where you can relax completely and won’t be disturbed. 

Before each listening, set an intention such as, “I am listening to this because I want to make some changes now: I want to change my belief that I can’t (whatever the limitation is for you) and this is a gift of self-care and self-compassion I am giving myself. I’m confident this is going to work for me.” Use your own words to capture your intention, hold the thought clearly in your mind, and then relax and begin listening.

After listening to a hypnotic recording, take a few minutes to stretch, move around and fully emerge from your hypnotic state. Revisit your intention and say to yourself, “I now allow the effects of this experience to take full effect, as I want them to do.” Use any positive intention along these lines…then go about your business normally, confident that you can make these changes easily now.

Where Do I Begin?That’s a good question! One of the limiting beliefs that can get in your way is the belief that “I can’t change…who am I kidding?” So we recommend that you start with the recording entitled “I Can Change My Beliefs Easily Now.”This will be really helpful to set the stage for changing your other limiting beliefs. Once this belief is firmly embedded in your subconscious mind, you will find that changing any other beliefs is easy and natural.

The Unstoppable Self-Hypnosis™ Belief Change Library. Just click on any of the titles in this list to get more information and download the recordings you want to purchase now.