Being FreeMoving Forward
Choosing PossibilityForgiving the Past
Being Response-AbleLiving in the Now
Being ResilientBeing Compassionate
Connecting to SpiritBeing Grateful and Trusting in Life

About the Values of Being Unstoppable™

All these values are fully connected to each other, though it can be useful to consider them separately until they naturally integrate into a whole process of Being, Thinking, and Acting Unstoppably.

A major focus of The Unstoppable Workshop™is communicating these values in powerful experiential ways so that they become meaningful and accessible to participants on the Unstoppable Path. 

Every technique or experiential method in the Unstoppable Workshop™leads to a deeper understanding of the Unstoppable Values and creates an opening for participants to embrace these values in their daily lives.

We claim that each value reflects an energy that already exists in the world, not something that has been ‘made up’ or ‘invented.’ Cultivating these values and the energies they contain, leads to an Unstoppable™life. 

In our experience, it is the lack of these values in actual practice that leaves people feeling disconnected, powerless, unsatisfied, and adrift in a seemingly ‘meaningless’ existence characterized by personal suffering and being stopped.