Being Unstoppable – The Book


“Being Unstoppable” is the book you need if you truly want to change your life and be the person you were born to be. Loaded with insights, specific actions and tools that will last you a lifetime. Why discard your dreams when it is just as easy to discard your limiting beliefs?”

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“Being Unstoppable: Moving Beyond Your Limiting Beliefs” is a new book by David Chard, leadership development expert, trainer and public speaker, resulting from years of research and development to answer one important question:
“Where is the real leverage for personal change and transformation?”
This fast-moving and highly engaging book contains the answer to the above question and reveals:
  • How the mind really works and how to make it work for you, not against you.
  • Why control and predictability are not actually your friends.
  • Why some people find change easy and others find it unreachable.
  • How to uncover and discard the self-limiting beliefs that bind you in limitation.
  • What it takes to put the past behind you and open up your future.
  • Why self-compassion is so hard for many and how to harness the power of self-love.
  • How to tame your Inner Critic and put it to work for you.
  • How to avoid and discard old patterns and move towards what you really want.
  • And how to escape ending up at “The No-Way Café”…the land of broken dreams.
  For those unable to attend the author’s “Unstoppable Workshop™ “Being Unstoppable” also includes a comprehensive tool-kit for personal development to support readers in successfully making the changes they want to make. As a bonus, the first edition also provides a unique “Personal Belief Change Inventory™” —a powerful tool that allows you to uncover and root out the limiting beliefs that have been stopping you…until now. Based on the author’s 30-years of experience in the field of learning and development, Being Unstoppable is driven by humor, compassion and keen insights that embody the author’s deep commitment to helping people get the lives they want…the lives they deserve. Published as an e-book, get your copy of “Being Unstoppable” now at the special introductory price of only US$9.99.
“Remember, you don’t get what you deserve. You get what you believe.” ~ David Chard