Welcome to the Unstoppable Zone™ 

In 2018, We created “The Unstoppable Zone” to provide adult learning workshops and individual coaching for people ready to take a new step forward in their lives, to realize their dreams. We do this because we have realized that it is just as easy to discard your limiting beliefs as it is to discard your dreams. In “Leading Yourself, Unstoppably,” participants discover how to move beyond their personal traps, access their personal power, and create a life rich with meaning and purpose.

David Chard, Founder and Lead Facilitator

David Chard
David Chard, Lead Facilitator

David is an American, from Kansas, who has worked and lived in the Asia-Pacific region for most of the past 40+ years, including work in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Back in 1976, he came to Taiwan to pursue graduate studies in Chinese language, including modern and classical Chinese. Later he had a 30-year career including work in international trade, advertising and public relations.

Along the way he studied training, facilitation, action learning, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), hypnosis, ontological coaching and leadership development. Chard is now focused on developing and delivering “Leading Yourself, Unstoppably,” from a commitment to helping others regain access to their personal power and possibilities.

Books. Chard is the author of “Being Unstoppable,” “The Unstoppable Belief Hunter’s Field Manual,” and “The Unstoppable Self-Awareness Journal,” available on Amazon.com His latest book, “I’ll Meet You at the Fork in the Road,” will be available soon.

Workshops. He has also created and delivered more than 40 corporate workshops on leadership, communication, public speaking, media communication, negotiation, team-building and many other topics. His most popular corporate workshops, focused on Leadership Development, can be found at https://engagingminds.biz/

Self-Hypnosis Recordings. A student of hypnosis since 2006, he is the creator of a series of Unstoppable self-hypnosis recordings that address a range of popular topics such as Releasing Limiting Beliefs, Self-Confidence, Forgiveness, and Creating a Personal Vision, which will be available on this site in the near future. Plan are also underway to publish these recordings on Audible.com as well as on this site.

Coming to Canada! After more than 40 years working in the Asia-Pacific region, David is moving to the Toronto area in July 2023. Stay tuned for updates about Unstoppable Workshops in the Toronto area. We are establishing a company in Canada as a platform for our operations there.

Travis Hulsey, Web Development Director

Travis Hulsey, a US citizen, is an expert in developing web platforms, with many decades of experience supporting multinational firms, from his base in Taipei, Taiwan. He provides ongoing consulting and creativity to make Unstoppable.zone the best it can be. He has also supported the delivery of Unstoppable workshops, handing audio visual effects and a host of logistical challenges. Without his steadfast support and counseling, our work would not be possible. He can be contacted at travis@unstoppable.zone