Loosen Your Beliefs…at The Unstoppable Workshop

Loosen Your Beliefs
Who do you say you are?
“In order to live your soul into the world,
you must continuously loosen your beliefs
about who you are.
…loosen your beliefs about
who you are supposed to be.
…loosen your beliefs about
who other people are.
…loosen your beliefs about
how life is supposed to be.
   ~ Richard Rohr and Alan Seale

Beliefs are made-up rules, often created when we are small children, that bind us in limitation and keep us in a box of our own making. They often occur as thought-stories penned by our Inner Critic. They can seem real and evoke strong emotional / fear responses that keep us going in circles. They have no reality beyond what you give to them.

Beliefs Have Consequences

It takes time, focus, and energy to hang on to beliefs…just as it does to fly a kite. Holding on tightly to the string, focused on one tiny piece of sky and you have to stand in a fixed position, unmoving…stopped.

Beliefs blind us to any evidence that doesn’t agree with the belief.

Beliefs about ourselves, others and life can cause suffering and cut us off from our own self-love and self-compassion.

Beliefs are never ‘true’…they are simply thoughts that we choose to agree with…though most often we have long forgotten making the choice.

Beliefs pretend to keep us ‘safe’ from what we fear but at the same time keep us ‘safe’ from setting ourselves free.

Holding onto a limiting belief, or not, can make the difference between living the life of your dreams…or ending up with despair, sorrow and regrets.

You are invited to ‘loosen up your beliefs’ and if you do…you may find that they simply slip away and are forgotten. Like when you let go of the string of a kite. You no longer have to stand in one place and are once again free to move in the direction of your dreams.

“You don’t get what you deserve. You get what you believe.”
The Unstoppable Workshop™ is 2 days of fun, sharing, learning and transformation. It’s like a safe cocoon in which you can reconsider your world view and choose new ways of being that reflect who you really are. Then, you can emerge with new wings, to enjoy a new life, free of limiting beliefs. We use a lot of experiential activities, games and humor to make it an entertaining cocoon…and one that will compassionately stretch your mind into a new shape.
“What if the change you’re avoiding is the one that will set you free?”
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