What does it mean to “Be Unstoppable?”

this is truth

When I tell people the title of my book, “Being Unstoppable,” they often say “Oh, so it’s one of those Tony Robbins kind of things.” Meaning, another ‘fix yourself’ by:
  • Figuring out your past
  • Pumping yourself up
  • Working out
  • Going on a diet
  • Getting ahead
  • Making a ton of money
  • Finding your soulmate
  • Getting your 15 minutes of fame, and so on.

Well it’s not about any of those things, though I’m not opposed to such actions. What I don’t support is the idea that you need to do anything at all in order to be happy, right now. And, when you connect to your natural happiness, a pre-existing state that never changes, ever, you will discover your Unstoppability.
So back to the definition of “Being Unstoppable.” Making it as simple as I can, here it is:
Being Unstoppable means:
  • Remembering who you really are and letting go of the fake selves you innocently created in your mind
  • Knowing, not believing, that nothing besides a limiting belief you agree with can ever stop you
  • Realizing that, your essential self, your “Diamond Nature” has always been perfect and that there is nothing to add: you are whole and complete just as you are.
  • And when you have stripped away everything that isn’t you, what remains is…you!
  • Never, ever giving up on getting the life you dream of having for yourself.
  • Living each moment in the service of a Vision that is bigger than you.
Most people spend a great deal of their time and life-energy trying to ‘succeed’ or to ‘fit in’ or to ‘make it’ or ‘be successful. An utter waste of time. Why, because if you are here, you are already a success, you have already made it. But, you will never ‘fit in.”
This is because:
  • Fitting in implies that you need to change what you are in order to be accepted by the rest of the herd. You don’t. And you don’t need their acceptance or approval…unless you believe you do.
  • The reality is that you are unique so the notion of ‘fitting in’ makes no sense. “Fitting in”…to…what, exactly?
  • And because you were never separate from the world, from others, from All That Is, where is the need to ‘fit in?’ You were born free and remain free.
  • Chasing ‘success’ is like holding someone’s hand and saying to them “Let’s go look for you!” Or as the Sufi saying puts it, “Holding the hand of God, we go looking for God.” How cool! 🙂
  • The mere fact that you are here means you are already a success, you have already made it, and you have everything you need. Unless you have accepted the brainwashing and confuse your preferences with ‘needs.’
If you are interested I’d like to share a metaphor about what it’s like when you are stopped by your limiting beliefs:
  • It’s like you are flying a kite. In order to do so you must stand in place, holding the string. The kite pulls at you and you pull back. It flies. Does it not?
  • And, you are stuck, standing there in a fixed position, in order to keep the ‘kite’ (belief) aloft. It requires all your focus and energy just to stay in that mode of ‘flying a kite.’
  • Now imagine you have 50 beliefs, and thus, 50 kites. And for each ‘kite’ a false self has arisen in the mind to hold onto its string. Do you have the kites…or…do they have you? All your energy and attention is going to be absorbed in the activity of just standing in place, where you are. As such, you are stopped.
  • You (or all 50 of you) are going nowhere. Welcome to Groundhog Day!
And a few questions for you to think about while you consider attending “Leading Yourself, Unstoppably” :
  • Who do you ‘think’ you are? Which, if any, of those limiting beliefs is the ‘real’ you?
  • How many kites are you flying? How many fake ‘you’s’ are sapping your energy?
  • What’s it like to be stopped, stuck in one place and realize you can’t actually move forward? What’s it like for a free spirit to realize they are sinking in quicksand?
  • Do you remember how utterly unstoppable you were as a small child? What happened?
I invite you to get a journal and start interacting with questions like these. I’ll add more in future posts.
So, what does ‘Being Unstoppable’ mean? It means:
  • Waking up to who you really are and then staying awake.
  • Forgiving any past errors of thinking that have blinded you to your Diamond Nature and continuously forgiving new errors as you become aware of them, in the spirit of self-compassion.
  • Seeing through the illusion of your fears and letting them go, every day.
  • Taking responsibility for your life, your dreams, your possibilities and acting on them courageously and persistently.
  • Keeping yourself in the Inquiry, your Beginner’s Mind, and harnessing the Unstoppable curiosity that you were born with.
  • Becoming a ‘Belief Hunter’—an Unstoppable detective, focused on rooting out all the lies that have stopped you, limited you…until now.
  • Emerging as the natural leader you were born to be: leading yourself and leading others, with confidence and passion.
For now, my sincere thanks to you for stopping by and I hope you will continue to follow these posts and read my book “Being Unstoppable” soon.
Sincerely and Unstoppably yours,