How Do You Fill a Hole That Isn’t Empty?

Answer: You can’t because it’s already full. Dumb question right?

But consider the many narratives about ’empty’ on this planet:

“I feel this emptiness inside.”
“My mind is running on empty.”
“There’s this emptiness that only (he/she) can fill.
“There’s a hole in my soul.” (and so I’m ’empty.)
“I’m hungry for more.” (empty again)
“There was an empty silence.”
“I am forever unfulfilled.” (not full…empty)

But what if…all this ’emptiness’ is simply an illusion, an elaborate hoax, a word pointing to a state that doesn’t exist?

What if…’emptiness’ is just a made-up story that by design makes us feel that ‘something is missing?’

What if…we were to transform the way we respond to the notion of ’empty?’

Instead of thinking of ’emptiness,’ we could imagine…spaciousness! That so-called ’empty’ feeling is actually an indicator of spaciousness.

Infinite space, containing all possibility, including the very essence of Who We Are. And Who We Are is never ’empty.’ There may exist a perception of ‘being empty’ but that is a perception resulting from our conditioning, not from reality.

What if our very essence could be perceived as ‘Spaciousness.’ alive with creativity, love, and a vast space in which to be.

With a little practice, it can be. I claim that we have been hoaxed into believing we are somehow ’empty’ inside when in fact we are simply FULL and overflowing with SPACE. Always have been, always will be. Even physicists now tell us that space is not ’empty.’

Space is actually not empty and it’s full of energy…The energy in space is not trivial there’s a lot of it and we can actually calculate how much energy there is in that space and that reality might actually come out of it. Everything we see is actually emerging from that space.” Nasim Haramein, Swiss physicist

We are not ‘containers’ that need to be ‘filled up’ (fulfilled) all the time with constant activity, striving, struggle, all sorts of efforts.

We are more like infinite oceans of possibility, unlimited space and spaciousness, with the capacity for never-ending generosity, giving our gifts to the world. Our nature is Love and so we are natural givers and the more we give the more space we have in which to give.

What a cruel hoax has overtaken our planet! Instead of knowing ourselves as infinitely spacious, we have been conditioned to believe things like:

“I am inadequate.”

“Something is missing in me.”

“I am essentially flawed and defective.”

“I’m simply not enough.”

“Being empty, I must be unworthy.”

“I’m so flawed and must prove my worth. THEN I’ll be lovable.”

These ’empty memes’ are pervasive in our ‘civilization’ and have been for thousands of years. So pervasive a part of human conditions that ’emptiness’ and ‘unworthiness’ have come to be understood as “The Human Condition.” You’ve noticed that people seem bored, apathetic, lost and driven to find some way to fill a hole that is not empty! And when it doesn’t work…they just do it harder. Many job descriptions include phrases like “driven to succeed”…as if this was some kind of virtue! Capitalism seems to demand that we live as compulsive ‘driven’ individuals, always seeking, never finding.

I want to go on record (again) as saying that any and all notions of ‘being empty’ or ‘being unworthy’ or ‘being inadequate’ or the many variations on this theme….are all outrageous lies, deceptions, falsehoods and mental traps. Such beliefs need to be rooted out and discarded because they literally keep our light ‘under a bushel.’

When I was in the advertising business, the first thing we learned about messaging was, “Figure out what people think is missing and then promise that this brand / product / service will provide it for them.” And it works. It has worked so well that we now have an entire world full of people striving to make money to buy the products that will fill their ’emptiness.’ We are literally destroying our planet as we strive ever-harder to be fulfilled. We seek to ‘fill up’ the non-existent emptiness with food, sex, travel, drugs, TV, social media, and all kinds of experiences. But as I say in my book, “Being Unstoppable”…“You can never get enough of what you don’t really need.” 

We have become a world of ‘consumers’ always busy taking in more things to fill a void that never existed in the first place. Everyone is in a belief-induced trance, behaving like the Chinese “Hungry Ghosts” that have tiny mouths and enormous bellies, sucking up anything they can find but never being full.

If we want to be free and recover our Unstoppable nature, it is time to discard everything that is not who we really are. And I hope you will trust me when I tell you this: there is NO emptiness in you. You are full to the brim and always have been. But perhaps, due to all the brainwashing, you experienced your spaciousness as ’emptiness.’

The fact is, with a bit of practice, what you used to experience as ’emptiness’ can just as easily be experienced as ‘the space in which to be full.’ And once that happens, all that striving, hiding, pretending, feeling ashamed…will disappear, leaving you afloat in the vast inner space known as Love. It is supremely patient and only waits for you to look at things differently, see yourself differently, experience yourself differently.

I invite you to step into your spaciousness and leave the ludicrous idea of ’emptiness’ behind you, in the past, where it belongs.

Being Unstoppable is not a destination or an achievement. It is simply a process of removing the blocks to your awareness of who you really are, who you’ve always been. You are, and always have been, Unstoppable love, never ’empty’ but simply overflowing with an inexhaustible supply of inner space. When you believe it, you’ll see it. 🙂