The Journey of Being Unstoppable (long)

(An excerpt from my book, “Being Unstoppable”)

You will be born into a pre-existing human culture that will condition you to accept the customs, language, mindsets and beliefs of that culture, from their past. You won’t have a choice about this; you will suck it all up like a dry sponge in your eagerness to ‘fit in’ and be accepted by the tribe.

Although you were born with your own dreams and plenty of natural talents to fulfill them, you will discard your dreams and ignore any talents not valued by the mainstream culture of your birth. You will probably follow a path not of your own choosing in order to get approval or to get the elders off your back.

To survive, you will take on a false personality that has nothing to do with who you really are. Over time you will identify with this mask and actually believe it is who you are. The pain of this masquerade will be unbearable because no personality mask can substitute for who you really are.

At some point, your essential Diamond Nature will call out to you loudly enough to get your attention and you will begin to question what you were forced to believe as a child. The more you awaken to who you really are, the more you recover your natural Unstoppability. If this doesn’t happen you will trudge unhappily through life on your way to join all the others at the No Way Café.

When you answer the call, you will have the opportunity to Choose Again. This means you become a Belief Hunter, a warrior, ever vigilant for self-limiting beliefs that show up in your thinking. And when you find them, you subject them to Inquiry until they no longer make sense to you, weed them out, and let them go.

What’s it like to Be Unstoppable?

For Unstoppable people, every ‘mistake’ is a Great Moment, a moment when you discover what works and what doesn’t. Growth is a process of experimentation and taking risks. You understand that there is no such thing as failure unless you stop; and you know that success lies in following your heart and being true to your authentic self. Whenever you discover you are off course, and make corrections, that is indeed a Great Moment.

You are a life-long learner, operating with a Beginner’s Mind. You frequently question what you ‘know’ and ‘empty your cup’ to make room for new understandings and insights. You are never concerned with being ‘perfect;’ you simply keep your focus on learning and new possibilities.

Pain will get your attention whenever you try to ‘fit in’ at the expense of being who you are. The more ludicrous beliefs you clear out, the less it will make sense to be other than what you are, and the less pain you will experience.

When you choose to alter your future, because it pleases you, you focus your attention on the steps of getting there, from a position of happiness and peace in the present. You have rejected the idea that you need to ‘sacrifice’ happiness in the present ‘in order to’ be happy “Someday.” You know that “Someday” never comes.

You live from a crystal-clear Vision, but when things don’t turn out the way you expected, you don’t get angry; you get curious and keep going, Unstoppably. You know how to use whatever happens to move you in the direction of your dreams.

Being Unstoppable means that, regardless of any apparent obstacle or circumstance you encounter, you are committed to doing ‘something greater than zero’ to create the future you imagine. You simply cannot be stopped by external events or circumstances.

There is no requirement for you to do anything whatsoever. Within your unchanging Diamond Nature you understand that freedom of expression is a gift and that, as an Artist, expressing yourself is your gift to the world. You realize there is no ‘better’ place to be than where you are right now; there is no place you need to strive to ‘get to. And because of this freedom you move easily towards goals that are meaningful to you.

You realize that others are only mirrors of you. You cannot love or hate something about another unless it reflects something you love or hate in yourself. You let go of your expectations of other people; they are not here to live up to your expectations and you are not here to live up to theirs. You will make requests of others, but never demands, because you respect that each person is free to make their own choices.

When you are upset, you know it is never for the reason you think. You restore your inner peace by tracing back your emotions to some belief that distorted your thinking and blocked your awareness of your true nature. Then you forgive yourself for believing such nonsense and you forgive yourself for forgetting that your authentic Diamond Nature can never be threatened. And you are free.

As an Unstoppable warrior, you drive your own bus, not your Ego. You are clear that unless you take charge of your own life, someone else will. You can either get busy working on your own dream or spend your days working on someone else’s dream.

Gratitude is the engine of your happiness and dissolves self-centered victim thinking, keeping you grounded in Reality. Because you are Unstoppable you know you don’t ‘need’ anything. If something comes to you, by your effort or as a gift, you accept it gratefully. And if it doesn’t come, it’s not a problem; you didn’t really need it.

Unstoppable people know there is no right or wrong, but there are consequences. Judgments, blame, and denial only hold ineffective patterns in place. Just do your best and it will always be enough.

If you look within yourself you will find all the wisdom and insight you need. If you seek your answers ‘out there,’ you will stumble in the dark, blind to your true nature. The No Way Café’ is likely to be your final destination.

You will forget all this from time to time but the pain of believing in the lies will surely wake you up again. You might get lost temporarily, but you will never be broken and your worth is never at stake in any situation.

Everything you need is available to you in each moment:

  • The knowledge that you are always Safe, living in a friendly Universe you can trust.
  • The knowledge that you are Love, and Loving, everywhere you go.
  • The knowledge that you are Free to express yourself as an Artist in every moment.
  • The knowledge that Peace is part of your essential Diamond Nature, not a goal to be sought after.
  • The knowledge that you are Spirit and as such are connected to Spirit and always will be; who you are is Unstoppably connected to Spirit

If you don’t have the above knowledge, it only means that your awareness of it is being blocked by some belief; discard the belief and the knowledge will be there.

Being Unstoppable, your life is a daily adventure, always ripe with possibilities. You stay grounded in the present, knowing that the past and the future are truly illusions. And so you live free of regrets and worries, encompassed by the energy of your Gratitude for What Is.

You Are Accepted. All is Well. The Past is Approved. The Future is Open.

Step into the fog of the unknown. Always do your best. Notice what you notice. Follow your inner compass. Smile at your fears. Do something greater than zero. Never look back.

And remember: “You don’t get what you deserve; you get what you believe.”