definition of unstoppable

In the context of our work, “Unstoppable™ means a state of mind embodying complete trust and confidence in your own resources to achieve whatever it is important for you to achieve, and, to keep going, no matter what.

To be “Unstoppable™ also means:

  • Holding a deep personal commitment to create whatever is vital to a person’s sense of purpose and meaning.

  • Knowing that there is no such thing as ‘failure’ unless you stop, and, that even if you stop, you can always choose to start moving forward again.

  • Even in the face of physical disability, a person can still create personal meaning and satisfaction as long as they are consciously aware of being alive and mentally active.

  • Trusting that in situations where a goal has not been achieved it never means, “I can’t” but instead simply indicates ‘not yet.’

  • Being willing to take personal responsibility, in the face of all setbacks and obstacles, to find the inspiration, motivation and resources to keep moving in the direction of one’s dreams.

  • Never, ever, ever giving up.

Declarations Regarding Being Unstoppable™

  • Nothing ever stops anyone apart from his or her own limiting beliefs and related behavior patterns which can, with desire, awareness, and effort, be changed.

  • All empowerment is self-empowerment.

  • There is no requirement to be Unstoppable™…but it is always available as a personal choice.

  • The choice to be Unstoppable™ is a living choice, made in each moment of now, and as such, it is a process, not a one-time event.

  • Being Unstoppable™ is a stand you can take, a personal commitment to an unstoppable way of being and living, all the time.