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Based on our commitment to promote self-awareness, growth and effective technologies of human transformation, we are please to announce the Unstoppable™ Master-Class Seriesof events in the Asia-Pacific region.

Watch this space because from time-to-time it will be our pleasure to sponsor workshops by leaders who have mastery in their areas of expertise. Each learning event will be a unique opportunity to learn from the masters, up-close.

Our current list of potential Master-Class trainers and facilitators for 2019 includes:

Igor Ledochowsky:Master Hypnotist and Hypnosis Trainer

Igor has probably trained more people in the art and science of hypnosis and influential communication than any other living hypnotist. Best known for his expertise in ‘Conversational Hypnosis’ we anticipate inviting Igor to run workshops on influential communication and its applications for business communication, selling and interpersonal relationships. We hope to schedule Igor for a workshop in Taipei before the end of 2019. Stay tuned.

Adam Eason: Master Hypnotist and Hypnosis Trainer.

Adam operates a world-famous hypnosis training academy in London, England and is known for his mastery in teaching the art of Self Hypnosis. We look forward to welcoming him to a workshop in 2019 entitled “Unstoppable Self-Hypnosis for Personal Mastery.”Watch this space.

Robert Stamboliev, MA, Master Facilitator of Voice Dialogue Training

Originally created by therapists Hal and Sidra Stone, Voice Dialogue is a well-recognized path to personal transformation, leading to much higher levels of personal awareness that facilitate change naturally and organically. 

To say that this experience will be ‘eye opening’ is an understatement; it leads to a whole new, more compassionate, way of perceiving and understanding the ‘self’ as a collection of psychic energies, not simply the solitary “I” that most people use to point to themselves. 

The impact of working with Voice Dialogues is to empower more personal choices as a result of higher self-awareness. We are now in discussion with Robert and hope to announce details of The Unstoppable Voice Dialogue Workshop soon.

Michelle Beck, Master Trainer of Trauma Release (TRE)

This technology can be learned in a one-day workshop. Led by certified TRE master-trainer Michelle Beck, grounded in the science of releasing trauma stored in the human muscle system, and therefore, in the body-mind as a whole. 

The proven TRE methods are fun, easy to learn, gentle and produce powerful results, some immediate and some over time. In this dynamic workshop you will learn to release old trauma and stress, naturally and safely.

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