Instructions for interacting with the Unstoppable Core Belief Inventory©

Thank you for taking this chance to investigate your personal core beliefs. To get the most from interacting with this tool, I invite you to follow these two simple instructions:

  • Be strictly honest.In other words, please don’t ‘overthink’ your responses and try to ‘guess the right answer’ or ‘the most acceptable answer. There is no ‘right answer,’ there is only your answer.If you try to ‘out-think’ the inventory, you will only cheat yourself from finding out what you most need to learn. Give yourself permission to respond to each question with your first, most intuitive response, and move on to the next one. That will give you the best results.
  • Go quickly.If you spend more than 10 seconds thinking about your answer, that is too long! Respond intuitively, and quickly, and that will give you the best result to serve your personal growth and development.

When you are finished, you will receive a PDF report that will provide insights into any beliefs that are ‘stopping’ you from being who you truly are. Read the report with an open mind, without judging yourself: you are NOT your beliefs; you are the one holding them. (Please note: You will be asked to provide your name and email address before you can access the report.)

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